Sunday, January 10, 2016

War Against Women in Family Court? (QF: The View from Here)

This post results includes excerpts from information shared with a journalist in August of 2015 who had questions about the Quiverfull Movement as it related to the Duggar Family.

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Can you elaborate on the experiences you've heard from survivors of the QF cult? The lack of healthcare, emotional and physical abuse, risks of so many pregnancies and births, girls being robbed of their own childhoods, shame surrounding bodies and sex et cetera. It would be great to flesh those as a little so the readers can really understand the terrible impact of these on the women that you've helped.

Read about the context of the excerpted statement in the previous post,

Through the Protective Mothers Alliance International, the writings of Amy Baker concerning parental alienation, and the desperate cries of many helpless mothers, with sadness, I recognize well the familiar outcome with which Tess must now contend. In my own professional work and in my involvement with the survivors of the Quiverfull Movement, I know that too many women face this same fate as courts now tend to favor fathers, regardless of abusive behavior. Unlike Tess, many women do not have families with the ability to take in many children when mothers flee such abusive QF/P marriages.

Women escaping abusive cults or cult-like situations with children have no chance to even draw a breath of relief, figure out how to survive, or even hardly unpack, before they are in a courtroom being ordered to hand over their kids to the crazy man who hurt both them and the kids. Once the abuser has the kids alone, even infrequently, he’s able to make sure that the kids do not ever become normal, and to turn the kids against his former partner in an effort to force her back, to force her to accept legal terms that are not in her best interest, or simply to torture her using her children.”

~ Cynthia Kunsman
The view of Quiverfull from my vantage
August 2015