Friday, January 8, 2016

Quivering Daughters (QF: The View from Here)

This series of posts results includes excerpts from information shared with a journalist in August of 2015 who had questions about the Quiverfull Movement as it related to the Duggar Family.

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Can you elaborate on the experiences you've heard from survivors of the QF cult? The lack of healthcare, emotional and physical abuse, risks of so many pregnancies and births, girls being robbed of their own childhoods, shame surrounding bodies and sex et cetera. It would be great to flesh those as a little so the readers can really understand the terrible impact of these on the women that you've helped.

Raising Children, Response Part Two:

The older daughters of QF/P suffer quite different challenges than their male counterparts and are often consigned to serve their families by caring for siblings until they are “given in marriage” to other male overseers to begin their own families. Many young women who leave their families opt not to have children of their own because of their own weariness in caring for so many siblings. 

Hillary McFarland describes this fate and others of many different daughters throughout the various groups that follow QF/P ideology in her book, Quivering Daughters. Another excellent article detailing the daughterhood movement appears at Alternet, describing the “Stay at Home Daughter Movement” that binds and shackles daughters to their fathers and their homes.

~ Cynthia Kunsman
The view of Quiverfull from my vantage
August 2015