Troubled Teen Industry

What is a Troubled Teen Home or Program? 
They are suburban gulags."  They are "full lock down prisons" where parents consign their teenagers and parental rights over -- usually without any knowledge of their true techniques and practices --  to an agency or an individual with a boarding home to "correct" their child's behavior.

Many children who choose to go to religious programs believe that they are entering spiritual retreats that will help strengthen their relationship with God.  They believe they are entering a cloistered life, not a prison.  In fact, convicted felons in our prisons enjoy far more privileges, humane treatment, and constitutional rights that teens in these gulags are denied.

This site exists to help aid the survivors of the Troubled Teen homes set up by the Independent Fundamental Baptists (IFB).  They are often referred to as "Roloff Homes" because of the First Generation IFB minister who developed the IFB template or were directly trained by him. Hephzibah House and the now defunct New Bethany Home for Girls are given special emphasis as exemplars of these Religious child abuse programs.

But note well that there are just as many secular homes and programs in the US that follow the same behavioral modification techniques and inhumane practices.  In fact, it is believed that Lester Roloff borrowed many practices from the successors of the Synanon program, particularly from the program, Straight, Inc.

Overview Articles:

THIS VIDEO explains concisely how and why residential teen facilities can operate unabated by the law.

Kidnapped for Christ
A documentary film about a Troubled Teen Home in the Dominican Republic where many teen homes from the US have relocated so that they can operate more freely without governmental interference and scrutiny. Reading (books):

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