Duggar Family

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To truly understand the motivations and the life of the Duggar Family, one must understand that they are, first and foremost, followers of the elitist Independent Fundamental Baptist minister, Bill Gothard. They not only participate in his homeschooling program, but they also follow his comprehensive lifestyle program. Gothard appeals to the age group and demographic of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar (the parents) by offering allegedly foolproof ways of raising Christian families whose children will continue on in the Christian faith. He's best known for his simple steps and formulas for solving any complex problem in life, throughout life.

To Evangelicals like the Duggars, restoring their church and their culture through the traditiaonal family depends on adherence to extreme patriarchal beliefs and purity standards. Believing that secular society poses grave threats to their efforts, their religious movement soon demanded large family size as a primary strategy. The imperative serves to both advance Christian political causes and demonstrate individual holiness within their subculture.

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As you do, please consider what might have happened to their son if the family had not enjoyed wealth and celebrity status within their religious system. In response to the sex abuse situation in the home, Josh Duggar could have met with a much different fate. His mother's false reference to a “training center” in the 2006 police investigation suggests that her son could have landed in one of Gothard's behavior modification facilities/programs or one of the IFB's Roloff Homes in the Troubled Teen Industry.