Wednesday, September 3, 2014

IFB Belief that Young Children Solicit Sexual Attention from Men

The following essay appears on the website of a church for the purpose of defaming the wearing of pants by women. It is revealing, however, that Patti Williams reveals her own beliefs about the alleged power of a small child to sexually entice grown men. She claims that she sought such attention from men at a young age but also goes on to ascribe this same motive and desire to all girls.

Note also that her dedication to this concept if not a fear of the consequences extends to her infants whom she clothed in dresses as soon as possible. She does to to ensure their purity and their identity as if a dress over a onesie had a mystical power of protection and somehow made her infants more appropriate to others.

Significant sections are highlighted below.

Blog Host: Please note that I corrected the many misspellings and punctuation errors which says quite a bit for me because I'm a terrible editor. But I did so because I found it so distracting. Forgive any that I missed. It was hard enough to read without the corrections.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Index of Posts about the Strange Woman According to Ron Williams

This post is part of a series examining the “strange woman” doctrine.

The concept of a “strange woman” is an unofficial doctrine** held by some Independent Fundamental Baptists concerning sexually abused girls: They become human garbage and things to be used, to be dispensed with in whatever way is convenient to those who have charge over them. Note that many doctrines in a high demand group are not formally documented but become part of the oral tradition or the hidden curriculum** of their culture and are often more powerful rules than the formally stated ones.

Ron Williams of Hephzibah House offers a very lengthy sermon about this insidiously taught doctrine causing pastors confront occurrences of sexual abuse in their congregations and in educational settings. (Full sermon transcript available HERE. Audio available HERE.)