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Hephzibah House in Wynona Lake, IN is a a Troubed Teen Home established by Ron Williams in 1971 that, as of 2016, is still in operation. Like the other homes of this type, it followed the template set up by Lester Roloff, and his tradition was carried on within other IFB affiliated homes.  Shown in the video, Hephzibah House is now operated by Don Williams, the founder and former proprietor's son.  Unlike New Bethany Home for Girls, there were no reports of raping of residents, but they attest to subjection to the typically hard and terribly degrading treatment described at similar teen homes.  Students also stopped menstruating while in residence there and resumed when they left. (Ironically, Hephzibah means "my delight is in her.")

Please take note of analyses of sermons by Patti Williams and Ron Williams on this site.  Also note a series of posts that analyze Ron Williams' "strange woman" doctrine by topic to better understand his poor esteem if not hatred for women and children who had been sexually abused.

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