New Bethany

New Bethany Home for Girls in Arcadia, LA was a Troubed Teen Home established by Mack Ford in 1970 that, after many raids and investigations, finally closed it's doors in 2001. Like the other homes of this type, it followed the Independend Fundamental Baptist's template for Troubled Teen Homes established by Lester Roloff.  Former residents attest to subjection to the typically hard and terribly degrading treatment described at similar teen homes and were molested and raped by the proprietor.  Students also attest to the cessation of their menstruation while in residence there which resumed when they left.

In 2013 and 2014, four former residents who attended there over a thirty year period made police reports regarding the sexual abuse to which Mack Ford subjected them while they were in residence at New Bethany. A grand jury in Bienville Parish convened to hear relevant testimony in October and December of 2014, but the District Attorney announced in January of 2015 that they had declined to indict. Mack Ford died in February at the age of 82. The Times-Picayune newspaper featured many articles chronicling the events and appear below.