Bill Gothard 101

Bill Gothard founded his organization, now called the Institute in Basic Life Principles, in 1961. He was interested in youth and developed conferences which encouraged people amidst the chaos of counter-cultural change to be clean cut and proper. Most parents with kids who attended were just happy that their kids weren't talking drugs and burning bras. In the early 1980s, as Gothard stops packing out stadiums of people who came to hear his seminars, he launches his homeschooling program. He promotes something much like the Christian version of Martha Stewart who was popular at the same time, and his character training was introducted into the prison system in a few states in the South.

Along with a mishmash of different ideas that he's strung together from everything from the rules for sex found in the Apocrypha to ideas from pop-psychology, he is best known for his simple steps to solve any complex life problem. He teaches about all areas of life, though he has never married nor has his own children. He is currently standing against charges of multiple counts of sexual abuse and harassment from many young women, some minors, while under his tutelage at “training centers” around the world.

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