The Quvierfull Movement developed out of an exaggerated response to feminism which melded with the Pro-life Movement which merged with Right Wing Politics. Add in a little fear mongering about secular culture threatening the faith of children, and you've got yourself a fertility cult. Writers on the subject, at some point or another, will mention the mission of birthing many children. It not only breeds Republican voters, large families also demonstrate the degree of holiness of an individual family.

Usually, those who ascribe to the Quiverfull movement are also patriarchal, eschew contraception, practice homeschooling, and participate in Right Wing politics.
Adherents prefer home birthing and midwifery, and some observe novel and/or dangerous birthing practices.  Many also observe a Luddite mentality concerning modern life including approaches to healthcare, and mental health is generally understood as a spiritual/religious issue only.   The purity culture, courtship, arranged marriages, homesteading, agrarian lifestyle, survival preparedness, enthusiasm for firearms, and other related interests tend to pop up in a cluster along with the quiverfull approach to sex and family.



The Development and Practice of Patriarchy from Under Much Grace on Vimeo.

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