Monday, August 18, 2014

Rape Prevention: Cry Out! (The IFB's Strange Woman)

This post is part of a series examining the “strange woman” doctrine.

The concept of a “strange woman” is an unofficial doctrine** held by some Independent Fundamental Baptists concerning sexually abused girls: They become human garbage and things to be used, to be dispensed with in whatever way is convenient to those who have charge over them. Note that many doctrines in a high demand group are not formally documented but become part of the oral tradition or the hidden curriculum** of their culture and are often more powerful rules than the formally stated ones.

Ron Williams of Hephzibah House offers a very lengthy sermon about this insidiously taught doctrine causing pastors confront occurrences of sexual abuse in their congregations and in educational settings. (Full sermon transcript available HERE. Audio available HERE.)

The Mystical Magical Power of Crying Out to the Cosmic Bellhop

Bill Gothard has all sorts of doctrines that claim that “crying out” will fix anything. If you have the right heart and soul, you will be untouched by evil. If you end up that way, shame on you.

He even has a book by this title. But here is Ron Williams using the same language and applying the same principle.

QUOTE: Part II, Dinah's Preventable Defilement
But Dinah, for her part, had responsibility too, she was culpable she had her responsibility.

QUOTE: Part II, Dinah's Damning Silence
You know, another thing that bothers me about this story with Dinah is that the text doesn’t tell us that she cried out. I hope girls, that if any jerk ever puts his hands on you, you will scream your tonsils out. . .

But Dinah, now maybe she did, but the text is silent and I understand this is an argument from silence, but we don’t see Dinah here screaming. We don’t see her crying out. That bothers me.

[Example of a the behavior of a hunted ermine]
That they’d be willing to scratch some jerks eye balls out rather than lose her purity, because here’s an animal in nature who’s willing to die rather than lose its purity.